Board of Editors



Jess Hoops, Editor-in-Chief

I’m a senior English and Philosophy double major who drinks a lot of black coffee and wears a lot of black clothing. I work at Clark’s Writing Center and as a reader/editorial consultant for The Robbins Office, Inc. I enjoy Greek mythology,  hot sauce, and reading horror novels at night.




Mehr Gunawardena, Editor

I am a senior and I major in English. I am from Sri Lanka, and as time is fleeting, my love for the language and awe for its impact simply grows. I enjoy dabbling in poetry and other forms of creative writing, besides that I make various natural “potions” and I drink a lot of tea.


Bruno2Bruno Lieto, Editor

I’m a junior here at Clark, and I’m an English major with a minor in education. I write a significant amount of poetry, and my favorite poets are Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. If you see me around, feel free to say hi!



Alyssa1.jpgAlyssa Pelletier, Editor

I’m a junior, majoring in both Studio Arts and Art History with a minor in Creative Writing. I have three novels that I’m currently working on, and have recently started to play around with writing my own poetry. I would also love to learn how to write for film someday! When my face isn’t squished in a book, I enjoy playing Quidditch, collecting gemstones, and studying ancient civilizations.



Armely1Armely Pichardo, Editor

My name is Armely, and I am a junior English major who likes reading books, ignoring text messages, and long walks in the hood.




EmilyB1Emily Buza, Editor

I’m a sophomore here at Clark, double-majoring in English and Theatre. When I’m not writing or acting, I’m usually co-hosting a podcast about teenage superheroes and storytelling. Outside of that, I have a strong love for tea, origami, fairytales in all their forms, and sending handwritten mail.




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