Board of Editors



Jess Hoops, Editor-in-Chief

I’m a senior English and Philosophy double major who drinks a lot of black coffee and wears a lot of black clothing. I work at Clark’s Writing Center and as a reader/editorial consultant for The Robbins Office, Inc. I enjoy Greek mythology,  hot sauce, and reading horror novels at night.




Mehr Gunawardena, Editor

I am a senior and I major in English. I am from Sri Lanka, and as time is fleeting, my love for the language and awe for its impact simply grows. I enjoy dabbling in poetry and other forms of creative writing, besides that I make various natural “potions” and I drink a lot of tea.


Bruno2Bruno Lieto, Editor

I’m a junior here at Clark, and I’m an English major with a minor in education. I write a significant amount of poetry, and my favorite poets are Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson. If you see me around, feel free to say hi!



Kate2Kate McNicholas, Editor

Hello! My name is Kate McNicholas, and I’m excited to be starting my second year with Clark Writes! I am an International Development and Social Change major who enjoys writing slam poetry, letters, and short stories. I have a different perspective this year, as I will be in Perugia, Italy while studying abroad at the Umbra Institute. I am sending my best wishes to all of you at Clark and hope you have a wonderful, word-filled semester. I look forward to discussing writing with anyone who wishes to reach out to me.


Alyssa1.jpgAlyssa Pelletier, Editor

I’m a junior, majoring in both Studio Arts and Art History with a minor in Creative Writing. I have three novels that I’m currently working on, and have recently started to play around with writing my own poetry. I would also love to learn how to write for film someday! When my face isn’t squished in a book, I enjoy playing Quidditch, collecting gemstones, and studying ancient civilizations.



Armely1Armely Pichardo, Editor

My name is Armely, and I am a junior English major who likes reading books, ignoring text messages, and long walks in the hood.




EmilyB1Emily Buza, Editor

I’m a sophomore here at Clark, double-majoring in English and Theatre. When I’m not writing or acting, I’m usually co-hosting a podcast about teenage superheroes and storytelling. Outside of that, I have a strong love for tea, origami, fairytales in all their forms, and sending handwritten mail.




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