Announcing the Winners of our Food Writing Contest

We’re proud to announce the winners of our first-ever food poetry contest! The judges anonymously scored each poem on the basis of content, form, and adherence to theme.

First Place: Natasha Orzeck-Byrnes, “Food, Family & Fragments”
Second Place: Mohamed Elmaola, “Bah-Leh-Wah (Baklava)”
Third Place: Adam Nye, “Writer’s Block”
Honorable Mention: Sadie Hazelkorn, “Here, Have Another Bite”

Thank you to all who participated. It was a pleasure to read all of the submissions, and the scoring was extremely close. Find the winning poems after the break. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Special: A Compilation of Sappy Love Poems

As promised, we scoured the Clark community past and present to put together a selection of passionate, sappy and angst-ridden poetry. Thanks to all the brave participants willing to bare their souls to our lucky readers.

Suggested uses for these poems:

  • Take turns reading them aloud with your awkward first date
  • Poetry is a zero-calorie alternative to suppressing the loneliness with chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s
  • Shout them to lure your true love down from their balcony—Shakespearean sonnets are so passé


Valentine’s Day

Nick Porcella

Hark! Valentine’s Day:
Not my most jolly day—
My least favorite holiday
Actually, it’s been that way
For a while, okay?
Want to hear what I have to say? Continue reading