Forever Box

This piece by Natalie Mitchell won first place in the Clark Writes flash sci-fi contest. Going in an interesting direction with the realm of science fiction, Natalie blends together a great mixture of humor and sincere creepiness. Read the piece in its entirety below.

stupid telemarketer

Forever Box

By Natalie Mitchell

Hello? Hello! No, ma’am, don’t hang up the phone, I have the right number. My sources have notified me that you have recently lost someone, someone you love, someone you cared about more than anything in this world, and now the world feels empty to you. Am I correct? My sources are unimportant, but I’m calling you to tell you about a revolutionary new product, a product to end grief itself and halt your spiral into the dark abyss that is your own grappling for meaning on this planet and processing the loss of someone who was integral to that. I’m talking about the Forever Box!

The Forever Box is an easy-to-install miracle of both modern technology and chemistry that perfectly preserves your recently-snuffed light of your life. When you look through the shatter-proof glass front panel, it will merely look like your loved one is asleep! Is that not good enough for you? Do you wish to reanimate your amour? The Forever Box kit now includes eyelid pins, so you can look into those eye that have always brought you comfort through the years. Keep Forever Box in your living room so your dearly departed can entertain guests with you. Or perhaps keep Forever Box in your dining room, so that your expired sweetheart can join you for meals. Forever Box also compliments any bedroom, so that your late love can watch over you as you grasp at any glimpse of them through your dreams. But I’m not done yet! I said this product can cure grief, and I mean what I say! Forget anything you had previously known about the Forever Box, because the new and improved Forever Box now includes a warming system! That’s right, you can now open the forever box and hold the warm hand of your exanimate honey. Is your bed too big and too cold now that your partner has parted? You can now take your reheated Romeo out of the Forever Box for up to nine hours with zero risk of decay, guaranteed! Be held at night again, and cry into the warmed shoulder of your dearest deceased when you are inevitably woken up from the nightmares. He will be warm for the full nine hours, so you can sob and hold them tight and beg for them to not leave you alone at any hour of the night!

But wait, there’s more! Forever Box has teamed up with—no, ma’am, please stop crying, this is a good thing. Yes, I assure you, a good thing! He will be there again! He will be with you! In fact, thanks to Forever Box’s world-renowned customer service, we’re already at your door so that you can begin your thirty-day free trial! Go ahead, open it. It’s the only way they’ll stop ringing your doorbell. You have to open it, ma’am. There’s no need to call the police, ma’am, just open the door so they can install your Forever Box! Don’t you love your husband? Don’t you want to see him all the time? To hold him? It’ll be just like the real thing, ma’am, I give you my word. Open the door, we’re already here. Open it.


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