Meet the Editors: Emily Buza

Emily Buza is a sophomore double-majoring in English and Theater. When she is not writing or acting, she’s busy co-hosting a podcast about teenage superheroes and storytelling. Her poem “Outspoken Little Ladies” is inspired by her favorite childhood stories of strong-willed, free-spirited girls. Read “Outspoken Little Ladies” below.


Outspoken Little Ladies

Emily Buza


You were raised on stories
of little lion-hearted girls
with big eyes
and bigger dreams
and hair tied back by ribbon
so they could see everything better.

Little girls who never stopped asking why,
who never stopped reaching.
They ran down hotel hallways
trailing sparks.
They fell off rooftops  
because they were too stubborn not to fly.

You found yourself in countless stories,
of young not-yet-women
with bad plans
and good intentions
who laughed and cried and held a fire in their souls
that brightened everything they touched.

So if anyone ever asks you
why you care too much  
and talk too loud,
just point them to your bookshelf.
Your childhood heroines  
taught you everything you know.



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