Terracotta Warrior

This poem was performed by junior Harris Eidelman at our most recent Creative Writing Forum. Through it, he explores the connection between his own personal history and the clothing he wears. With both heartfelt nostalgia and an eye toward the future, this poem beautifully illustrates the passage of time through t-shirts, jeans, and the memories they carry. Read “Terracotta Warrior” below.

Terracotta Warrior

Harris Eidelman


I have a duffel bag full of clothes
Different shirts have different meanings
Their origins are spread far and wide
From Israel to the US of A

My shirt today is from a recent purchase
And in it I feel secure and strong
I used to not like long sleeves
Now they paint me like a Terracotta Warrior

The pants are a whole different story
As I’ve grown my favorite pair has changed
I still wear those PJs from that drunken night
I still have my old favorite jeans which are starting to fade

New becomes old and old becomes thrifted
Such is the cycle of my wardrobe
Sometimes thrifted becomes new
Sometimes cheap is the highest quality you can get

So, as a terracotta warrior I set forth on my next journey
Hoping my new wardrobe can fit all the memories
Still clinging on after the 90th wash

Image: https://www.pinterest.com/CamrynJoycee/aesthetic/


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