Tidal Eyes

There’s nothing fishy about the fact that Maria Connors recently got the 2nd place award in the English Department’s Prentiss Cheney Hoyt Poetry Contest. In her piece, “Tidal Eyes,” Maria uses beautiful imagery and diction to create a relaxing picture that is no less enjoyable than a day on the beach.

Tidal Eyes

Maria Connors


She dreamed of impossible dreams

and held the ocean in the palms of her hands,

her eyes like the moon,

pulling the tides

moving sailboats from coast to fingertip

with the ease of a blink.

She watched the tidal pools that collected

under the tips of her nails,

harboured rainbow fish

and sea stars,

let the waves take them back out

when the moon so beckoned.

And when the Milky Way stretched the horizon,

and the ocean was drenched in navy

it was the soft hum of her wind

that rocked lonely seabirds to sleep.


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