Christian Farren is a senior English major and Department representative who has “always had a fantasy/supernatural bent” but has been experimenting with darker themes after reading an H.P. Lovecraft anthology last Christmas. The following poem focuses on stories that Christian “started and abandoned” when he was younger, brought back to life by his new inspiration. Read “Opus” below.


Christian Farren


Harpy’s hair
Mermaid’s tear
All things tender dear.

Titan’s fire
Golem’s stone
Forged in dragon bone.

Witch’s wiles
A succubus’s smile
Honeyed venom, demon’s guile.

Pagan paramour, born of dying dreams!
Condemned to the cold,
Decrepit demimonde.
But I am no stranger here.

Know you are loved. Treasured.

Through the twilight, I will keep you safe.


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