The Seeds We Grow

“The Seeds We Grow” is a piece by Muhammad Kasule that personifies the intolerance faced by a lesbian couple using floral imagery. This poem is delicate and poignant in its presentation as it connects with many universal feelings on the topic of forbidden love.

The Seeds We Grow

Muhammad Kasule

Love that sprouted, in secrecy
Where heaven’s light doesn’t shine
Seeds will grow, left peacefully
Blooming as we intertwined

But sadly, we never fully blossom
The topsoil won’t let us through
They say our seeds are truly rotten
And what we feel, isn’t true

Our truth might not be theirs
But what we have, feels the same
Like drowning lungs catching air
Or barren roots, soaking rain

We reached for clouds with hopeful smiles
Yet spiteful hands grasp from below
Faith someday we’ll walk the aisle
Above the clouds, in heaven’s glow

I said they wouldn’t understand
Covered eyes too blind to see
We could have left, hand in hand
And now it’s just, myself and me

They stole away your lively spark
A light upon our shadows of doubt
The therapy made quite a mark
You’re a different you, in and out

I buried myself in all my temper
Hatred held with solemn sternness
My heart filled with scorching ember
Like burning iron from a furnace

Slowly scorching, hands that dared
To take away, what she used to be
For her smile, they never cared?
We are, as we are, not choose to be

They tried to make you a proper she
But you held on, all that while
We ran away, just you and me
I promise you. We’ll walk the aisle

They’re miles ahead, and all of time
Together, laughing cheerfully
Blooming as we intertwine
Seeds will grow, left peacefully


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