Congratulations to the winners of the “Out of this World Space Poetry Contest”! All of the submissions were wonderful and fun to read, and the winners were determined by  voting and review by the Board of Editors. Thank you all  for your participation and for making it a very tough decision!

1st Place:  “Phoenix” by Lee Friedman 

2nd Place: “Parallax” by Annie Share 

3rd Place: “Zodiac” by Sam Marlinga 

Check out the galactic winning pieces below…


Lee is a sophomore studying computer science who enjoys dancing, writing, and staring into the empty void that surrounds the insignificant planet we call home.


 Lee Friedman


She’s alone
Blank blackness pushing against her
Suffocating on abandoned air

She’s old
Age has twisted her
Warping her form like shiny metal clay
Time’s big hands on her frail soul

She’s broken
Pained groans echo through her
Hulls creaking, pipes squeaking
Her whole body aches like a bruise
And she bleeds a steady stream

She’s longing
Desperate for someone to find her
To tighten this bolt
To patch that hole
To surge her bare boned belly with laughter and play
She wants to scorch the emptiness behind her
Her powerful engines howling in delight
As she hums in harmony with those that give her life
Like gods in the sky

She’s waiting
Not much of her left now
And she knows she’s not long from gone
Like all her sisters she will float until she crumbles
And her ashes flutter among the stars
Dust mingles with dust
Expanding with the universe until it snaps
Until there’s nothing but fire

But she’ll rise again in the flames
White hot
Never daring to disappear
To whimper away into nothing
To bow her head to Time and say,
I am not here

She is here


Hailing from Minneapolis, Annie Share is a huge fan of tater tot hotdish and the Minnesota State Fair. She is her best self when on roller skates.


Annie Share


You took off and I thought
That you might and you did
You used all of that space
As an excuse to get rid
Of the thought that I’m less than
One light-year away
And that even the most cratered planets don’t stray
From the journey they make to stay close to the sun
But yours wasn’t a circle
Yours was more of a run
Right into her world in a galaxy nearby
Yet insisting that we could still share the same sky
Leaving me in the dark and still over the moon
Unaware of how much of me
Your short landing would ruin.

Sam is a junior studying English and philosophy. He sent this winning poem all the way from Perugia, Italy where he is currently studying abroad.


Sam Marlinga


Drifting, sifting, floating through the black,
Riding a well of gravity up and out,
Don’t know if I’ll ever come back.
Leaving the world behind with all my doubt,
Swimming through the darkest sea,
Searching for something lost to me
That I’ve always been without.

Born under the rule of Pluto
With his somber orbit I entwine,
Ignoring all the other constellations,
Better suited to a god of wine.
Cast in your ethereal glow,
Reaching out to break the isolation,

Blinded by your supernova,
Yet taken in nonetheless,
A mea culpa of the soul,
Watching your light coalesce.
You are everything I could ever want,
Wrapped in nothing I could ever have,
So I’ll say goodbye and fly past Mars,
I will carry that weight across the stars.


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