“Remembering Sunday” and Other Songs I’ve Forgotten

Talented poet Madi Carleton brings together feelings of nostalgia, freedom, and humid summer drives in this piece we hope brings you similar thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

“Remembering Sunday” and Other Songs I’ve Forgotten

Madi Carleton


We moved so fast back then,
Racing through those summer nights.
The sound blasted
And we screamed with it
Freedom under curfew,
Lawless underage.

Friday nights we’d fill our toes
With sand;
Our mouths with kisses
Stolen from another’s property,
And race away up the highway.
The first day of my nineteenth year
You bought the lighter,
And told me I would change.
You were right,
Speeding toward midnight,
But I opened the window
And let the words fly out
Like broken glass
Lining a country road.

I couldn’t tell you
You saved my life
Because I was still too young.
So that night and for several more
I stayed steeped in teenage innocence,
Let it fill the car
Until we were soaking in it,
Swimming in it.


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