Out of This World Space Poetry Contest!

happy-spaceHOUSTON, WE HAVE A CONTEST. Clark Writes is now accepting submissions for our Spring Semester Writing Contest! This semester our contest will be themed around space poetry. Your poem doesn’t have to specifically be about space, but should include space-related themes, imagery, or concepts. Take the prompt as you will, the creative possibilities are vastWe’re sure that this will allow your poetry to really take off. And if you’ve never written poetry, we encourage you to explore your creative potential and let your mind expand. You bet URANUS this is going to be a fun contest!

If you have any questions about the contest please reach out to clarkwritesblog@gmail.com or someone on the editorial board. We’re looking forward to discovering what sorts of space poetry the Clark community  has to offer. We’re sure they’ll beam us up. The top three will be put in orbit on the blog and we’ll send some cash money your Milky Way. 

Good luck, space explorers!

-The Clark Writes Board of Editors


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