One Night Stand At the End of the World

This SINsational poem was most recently heard at our last creative writing forum by Clark Writes Editor Laura Barker. It is a poem about both our present times and a future time none of us hope to see. Check it out!

One Night Stand at the End of the World

Laura Barker



We’re tangled in the dark of the night

Screaming secrets into the void.

There’s arms and legs, tongues and hips, pride and joy.

We’ll forget it all soon.


We’re flying high on vodka and hatred and tears

We make love in the dark

So we don’t have to see the blood on our hands.

And we all want to go home.


But now the night is over and we aren’t welcome anymore.

We’re stumbling out in the early morning

Before the sky breaks into dawn

Before the sun’s virgin judgment

Before we’ve realized what we’ve done.


So God Bless and God Damn

Words shrivel up on our lips.

There’s no comfort now.

We’re facing the boiling day

Naked as Adam and Eve were.

There’s no Garden to go back to.

No clever serpent to blame.

No God to cry out to.

All we have is this day, and this fear

And an unwilling tomorrow that fades further and further away as the sun climbs into the sky to illuminate our failure.


Tell me how to go home

When the house has been burned to the ground.

When the family is shipped overseas and ripped apart.

When your human rights are wronged.

Tell me how to go home.


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