Keep Moving

Asir Arif creates music and lyrics for all who need a fight song, an inspiring anthem, or just a good dance. With his fellow musicians, forming the band 3-Piece Meal, he sends out messages that are not only empowering, but also come with a beautiful bassline and a daring drum beat. Below are the lyrics to one of the band’s latest pieces, more of which can be found on their debut album coming out next month! The songwriter states that ‘Keep Moving’ is a song meant to inspire those who experience hardships each day, and to remind them that all will be well again soon.


Keep Moving

Asir Arif

The world wasn’t made from the truth, just from the dust
And honestly this place could use a sweep or two
But don’t let it mess with your health, cover your eyes
Take a swing, see what you hit, and who you miss the most

Darling you’ll never know
Whether your smile it glows
If you don’t turn the lights off when you’re glad

The sun might be set in its ways, lifting the moon up
‘Always on time’ is better than ‘never on at all’
I know that perfection’s your thing, and we all love things
But give yourself a break, staying whole is hard

Darling you’ve got it all
A knack for the rise and fall
I know you’ll rise again
You’ll be fine
When it’s starting to pour
Like a moth in the light
I may fly too close to the sun
But don’t waver in fear
I know it may hurt
But the world doesn’t just burn
It also shines


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