Kurt Cobain with Guac

Another selection from our last creative writing forum. This witty, fast-paced poem by Raechel Segal about Mexican cuisine and Nirvana had everyone giggling.


Kurt Cobain with Guac 

Raechel Segal


I want to find Nirvana,

But Kurt Cobain is dead.

I want to hear Nirvana,

But it’s all in my head.

Stop the echoes.

Calm the clamor of

People in the street

Wearing button-ups and

Graphic tees with

OBEY logos by


Zumiez likes to

Zoom, can you? Come on and zoom!

Come on and zoom,

And welcome to the



Doopity doo,

Burritos are cool,

And so are you.

If I’ve never been to Chipotle,

Can I still be a ‘Merican? Man, I want a burrito,

But only in a bowl.

Kate says we’re going

Tomorrow, to Hacienda.

Don’t be late.

Kate is great, but

I can’t decide between

Nachos with guac and

Tacos, tacos, tacos.


Chomp that taco.

Let it spin,

Let it swirl.

I can’t find Nirvana,

But at least

I found Chipotle.


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