“Pink” is a poem from Clark Writes e-board member Kate McNicholas that questions gender norms and sexism. Kate shared her work at the first creative writing forum. Come hear more amazing Clark writers at our next forum this Friday!


Kate McNicholas


I often wonder

If the pink blanket placed on a new baby girl is the first layer of protection.
To hide her from the demons

The label between her thighs

The hunting eyes…

I often wonder

Why he calls me those things

And I laugh…

I often wonder

How I would smell

If I really were the piece of meat they see me as

Filet mignon or strip

I always order medium rare

Because bloody is illegal

Sort of like how it is legal for them to charge me money

Because I am bloody…

I often wonder

How shorter strands of protein on a female scalp

Manage to confound them so deeply

I often wonder

Why can they always stare at my chest for longer amounts of time than my eyes

Isn’t blue the nicer color anyway?
Mulan was my favorite Disney Princess

At least until they made a man out of her.

I often wonder

Why I can wear a suit but he can’t wear a dress

I guess as long as I’m making a man out of myself it’s okay…

I often wonder

Why when we kiss he acts like it’s just the first step

In a longer process…

I often wonder

Why there are no women on American currency?

Would it somehow reduce the value of the dollar?

Green has never been my color anyway.

I want to be a mother not a bride

I will bring my own blanket for her

I often wonder…

But that is not my place.


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