Haiku to Keep You Up All Night

A spooky series of haikus about what lurks in the shadows at night. The quick, straight-to-the-point nature of haiku creates a tension that carries throughout the poem. Just in time for Halloween!

Haiku to Keep You Up All Night

F. Sebastian Baker

Wash up before bed
Glancing into the mirror
A stranger stares back

Turn around quickly
Nothing hiding behind me
It’s too fast to catch

Footsteps in the hall
Someone goes to the bathroom
One explanation

Tap on the window
On the second story up
No rain and no tree

Oddly placed streetlights
Two right next to each other
Not there in the day

Rustle in bushes
Shoving a path through the leaves
Wind or something else

Dog barking outside
Dumb animal making noise
Dogs can sense danger

Full moon out tonight
Superstitions of moonlight
They can’t all be wrong

The lamp flickers out
Accidentally unplugged
Act of sabotage

Corner in darkness
Eyes useless against what hides
Just across the room

Drifting off to sleep
Wake up with a racing heart
Fight or flight instinct

Inhale and exhale
I try to silence my lungs
Yet still hear breathing

Double-checked three times
Only clothes in the closet
The door won’t stay closed

Clawing at the door
The cat wants to come inside
They’re already in

Soft metallic ping
In the maze of pipes and vents
The sound of movement

Claws scrape the plaster
Scratching noise inside the wall
Hope it’s only rats

That horror movie
All of a sudden it seems
Much more realistic


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