A Revolutionary Rap

Below is a revolutionary rap written and performed (acapella) by James Patin at the first Clark Writes forum of the semester. The rap addresses the frustrations of the working class and the injustices of capitalism. Read the lyrics below.

solidarityRevolutionary Rap

James Patin


I don’t really wanna die

Just need a change in system

Bosses talkin bout the benefits

But workers done missed ’em

If I saw a union rep

Damn, I swear that I’d kiss ’em

All this rage inside the workers

It’s like steam without a piston

Or box

Damn I swear

That we hit the bottom rocks

Turn down refugees at docks

Call ’em terrorists on Fox

And on CNN

Where’s the brotherhood of men?

This position that we in

Living standards fallin’

For the 99%

Wailing in lament

We got our feet in cement

While they sipping on a mint

Caramel mocha Frappuccino

Capitalism’s all that we know

And we know

That this shot will not change

Talkin’ like you insane

Workin’ for the Clinton campaign

It’s a goddamn shame

We don’t understand the truth

Sitting inside this booth

Callin’ on all workers

Women, men, and youth

Immigrants and minorities

We the oppressed majority

And our one priority

Is to unite and destroy the

Oppressive ruling class

It can’t happen too fast

We have just a few years

‘Til the tipping point has passed

Then its just too late

Climate change our fate

And the death of billions

That make corporations great?

They keepin us behind bars

Driving round in our cars

They got us trapped in one place

Like matt Damon on mars

But this time it ain’t funny

Ain’t no money in the bank

So talkin bout 10.10

Fuck off

No thanks

Yeah the global working class

Gone stand up and kick some ass

We gone smash on the rich

Like that’s too damn bad

Oh that’s your Ferrari?

Oh I’m not sorry

You got it from fathering death

Don’t need Maury

To see who’s responsible

Police chief and constable

The sheriff

They make colored folks perish

In that BPD

Talkin bout Freddie G

Trayvon Martin

Sandra Bland

And big Mike D

Plus there’s many many mo

Damn, my folks be po

You tryin’ ta break the glass ceiling

But forgot we on the flo

Fuckit, we in the basement

This shit is so basic

If we organize as workers

We will win

Just face it

We produce all wealth

We can do it by ourself

No boards

No bosses

We don’t need they damn help

This the ABCs

Of a revolutionary

They got us locked in a cage

No singing bird, canary

But just be wary

When the liberals try to tempt you

Talkin’ bout beating Trump is central

This the mess they got us into

If we gon defeat Trump

And get up outta this dump

We must be independent

Democrats will treat you like a chump

They be lying to ya face

Then they hit us with the mace

The sound cannon

Firehose, dogs,

And police taz-

Er, so I’m not with

Her. I may seem bit-

Teri,  but than this capitalist shit

I know we can do better

So as the rain gets wetter

And the oceans keep rising

Ima do my part

To put change on horizons

I don’t pay no tithes

And I don’t go to no church

Cus I know the only savior

Is the working class on earth

So just get to work

Put the bosses in the dirt

Then we run this shit

Time for socialist rebirth

Image from http://www.cartooningcapitalism.com/iww-cartoons/


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