Men Explain Things to Me

This following piece was featured at the first creative writing forum Clark Writes held this year. Autumn Perez (you might just know her as the amazing girl with bright yellow-green hair), shared some of her “blackout” poetry, a type of poetry that is done by taking a book and covering all but the desired words with marker, forming a poem from another piece of writing. The book Autumn used is Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit. Warning: mentions of rape and assault.


Men Explain Things to Me

Autumn Perez


Why bother dull young ladies? If you like luxury stay a little longer. Every woman knows it’s hard speaking up.

Crush silence. This is not their world. Arrogance is a war- an invitation to silence,

Free me.

Mr. important, don’t forget that a certain amount of self doubt is a good tool. Raped survival, running naked. Kill her. Kill.

The idiot invited me out he insisted. His confidence so aggressive. I am an empty vessel to be filled with their wisdom. But intelligence is not situated in the crotch.

Feel the shame. Men who explain things not allowed into the conversation.

Men explained men explaining. Insisting on their right. Men explaining men. Men, older man who wrote “never personally or professionally short changed a woman” he then gave me some advice on my “feelings of inferiority.” Men explain things to me; mansplaining.

Some men explain things they shouldn’t and don’t here things they should “Men Explain Things” representative Todd Atkin “we don’t need abortion for women who are raped” “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” These guys are scary.

In the United States one in five women Will be raped in her lifetime, rape. Murder. By members of the football team, gang rapes, gang raped an eleven year old.

Rape. Rape, rape, rape, rape. Women you know are survivors. Raped, rape.

Crimes against women lets go home men murder their partners. More than 11,766 corpses from domestic violence homicides between 9/11 and 2012.

The man became very upset. He had the right to control and punish her. The right to control you. He has the right to decide whether you live or die… Even if you are obedient.

It’s a system of control. It imprisons women. Set girlfriend on fire. Refusing to do his laundry. Spousal abuse. While spitting in my face and telling me how unlovable I am. Her head onto the floor. Clumps of her hair, probation.

Predators threats stories of harassment intimidation and abuse. Women threatened, and punched. Bruises and cuts for speaking.



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