Life of Nature

“Life of Nature” is a poem in which one of Clark Writes’ newest editors, Bruno Lieto, meanders through his relationship with the world around him. It is one of the many enchanting poems posted on his personal blog, All of My Words. Hear him and other amazing Clark writers perform their work at our first creative writing forum on Friday, September 30th! Read Bruno’s poem below.


Life of Nature

Bruno Lieto


I’m at home where the

Wind blows, only alone

When my feet don’t touch

The naked earth.

I’m grounded with my

Toes in the sand,

Shifting like the countless

Pebbles underneath.

I’m alive when I sing

With the leaves of every

Tree, when the breeze

Composes a symphony.

I’m at peace while the

World continues around

Me, despite my stoic

Disposition, like a mountain.

I’m strong when I

Lay my head upon the

Grass, lay my body

Down on a mossy bed.

I am connected when

Nature lives its own

Life, and in its honor

I live mine.


Interested in reading more of Bruno’s poetry? Visit his blog All of My Words!


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