We’re Back!

Welcome Back!

On behalf of the Clark University English Department, the Clark Writes Board of Editors would like to wish you all a successful Fall 2016 semester! We’re excited to announce that we’ll resume activity this week, so get ready for some contests, forums, and more writing from our talented Clark community. We’d love to see what you have to offer, so check out our submission guide and send us your work!

Upcoming Events

Catch us in Red Square tomorrow from 1-2:30 p.m. to learn more about Clark Writes and be featured in this year’s What are you writing? collage!

Our first creative writing forum of the semester will take place from 4:30-6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 30. Location is TBA. Email clarkwritesblog@gmail.com or contact one of the editors to sign up to read!

Meet the Board of Editors



Jess Hoops, Editor-in-Chief

I’m an English/Philosophy double major who drinks a lot of black coffee and wears a lot of black clothing. I enjoy Greek mythology, putting exorbitant amounts of hot sauce on my food, pretending I live in the Anderson and Beck houses, and reading horror novels at night.




Laura Barker, Editor and Social Media Coordinator

I’m thrilled to be returning to the Clark Writes Board of Editors. When I’m not aggressively promoting the creative writing clubs at Clark, you can find me procrastinating on my novel or Instagramming pictures of my two cats, Kowalski and Bobby.



Mehr Gunawardena, Editor

I’m a tropical islander that majors in English and Political Science. I am working towards being a print war correspondent and possibly a poet. Who really knows where life will take me?



Emily Denny, Editor

I am currently a senior English major with a creative writing specialization, and I’m from both Westwood, NJ and Tobyhanna, PA. I like 1950s horror films and playing the harmonica.




Kate McNicholas, Editor

I am a sophomore here at Clark and I am studying International Development and Social Change. This is my first year on the Board of Editors for Clark Writes, and I am so excited and honored to see and hear the perspectives and ideas of my fellow Clarkies. Writing has always been one of my greatest passions and I enjoy slam poetry competitions, as well as academic and creative writing. I am a strong believer that words can create world-changing actions even if, at first, they sound like a fairy tale.



Bruno Lieto, Editor

My name is Bruno Lieto, and I’m a sophomore here at Clark who’s majoring in English and then hopefully getting my master’s in education so that I can teach elementary school. I’m from East Haven, Connecticut and I write a lot of poetry and the occasional short story.


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