Sonnet O

Junior Luke Ballmer plays with Shakespearian structure in his non-traditional sonnet, shown below.

Sonnet O

Luke Ballmer

How well you’ve taught me Shakespeare’s sonnets.
To pass the time and test with teacher fled,
I pour alone through text too soaked to grip.
With this, I claw for you ‘till nails drip red.
Such pain to see I tear in vain. My love
But trapped in line can’t see the walls once flown.
I screech and spit at brick inscribed above
With words that dance to tunes to me unknown.
So scratched is one meek theme, not new nor clean.
I knew your love. All that may fade with age.
We loved without rhyme scheme or deathless sheen.
We loved with words beyond the Bard’s own page.
No verse could praise you as you ought to be.
Only in this imperfection do you stay with me.



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