Junior Sarah Wells’ poem “Dissipate” captures the slow, painful process of forgetting someone you once loved, and the unsettling feelings that come with that forgetting. Sarah has won several awards for her short stories and poems. Read her latest poem below.


Sarah Wells


You’re fading,

More and more,

Into imagination these days.

Like morning fog burned up

By the rising midday sun,

You’re changing states too fast to watch

Too fast to stop

And before I know it there’s nothing left to grasp

Or point to.

Your presence is exactly where you no longer are,

Reclaiming your place as an indistinguishable point on the horizon.

Perhaps it’s better if you return to the realm of

Scattered molecules and not-quite-becoming,

Instead of pretending you might someday condense into rain.

And as you boil off and scatter between the rays of light,

Sparking and hissing like a frayed wire,

The pieces of you I’ve collected will fall victim to friction;

Rubbing all their records and ink away

Until only had-beens and once-weres remain.



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