“The sea is me” and “Flowers & War”

The following poems were written by the newest member of the Clark Writes Board of Editors, Mehr Gunawardena. Mehr is an English and Political Science major who is incredibly passionate about her work and dreams of becoming a conflict zone journalist. Her poetry often incorporates strong extended metaphors and a complex first-person voice, and “The sea is me” and “Flowers & War” are no exception. Read them below.

The sea is me

Mehr Gunawardena


The waves beneath my skin

Know not of calm seas,

But read of the wrath

The tsunami brings.


The water holds me tight,

Thrashing me side to side,

To experience the light

My sun is trying to provide.


There is no bliss or despair,

Except in the crystals

My window paints—

Refracting common thought,

Destroying what is linear.



Flowers & War

Mehr Gunawardena


From the bullets of words

to gunshots to the chest.

It hurts more each time

the thought blurs over

and over in my head.


A scar to remain

for time to come.

Happiness withering

from anger and disparity

at no-man’s land.


Please, show me clearly

the way to bed, to rest.

Have the crutches on the sides

for not that I need them now

but for later.


Fight to be healed.

For the flowers of happiness

to grow back with faith.

War at hand is war at mind.

Between myself and I.

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