“Brother” and “Ode to O’Douls”

Today we share with you two poems from M.A. student Michael Fisher. These two poems were read by Fisher at the most recent Clark Writes forum. The first poem “Brother” tells the tale of a lost friendship, while the second poem “Ode to O’Douls” rationalizes those situations where you know you should choose otherwise, but can’t quite get yourself to. “Brother” was first published in a chapbook entitled “Five Poems” by Damfino Press.



because I heard you’re losing your hair

because you wear the same Bruins’ cap, the gold rubbed off

because I never listen to vinyl anymore

and the song you always played skips:

mercy                      mercy                      mercy                      mercy

because I couldn’t say three words to you

because I wouldn’t want to if I could

because you told me you wanted to fly away

live with the woman in the moon

like a moth at night

because you were my good time brother, my two tabs of acid brother, and now, what are you?

because I could get your number, someone has it

because I live in a different area code

and I thought I saw you, an unlit Camel, a cheap cup of coffee, your same stride

because that’s impossible

because I swept a dead moth away, frozen from being alone

because: mercy                    mercy                      mercy                      mercy



Ode to O’Douls


here’s to dizzy buzz

numb tooth dirty mouth buzz


here’s a prayer to gravity

to keep her fingers out my throat


here’s to the penultimate

“one more before the road”


here’s to my cellphone

and my friends I call on my cellphone

why’d they never answer their cellphones

something is wrong with their cellphones

I’ll try again


here’s to the penultimate

“one more before the road”


here’s a wink and a nod, a pat on the back, a hands down standing O

I give myself


but most of all

here’s to the O’Douls

I always mean to order


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