Incumbent Third Grade Student of the Month Vies for Consecutive Nomination

There are big happenings at Grass Hill Elementary School this month. With only a few weeks left, only one little guy or gal can be crowned third grade student of the month. Who will it be? Get the latest updates here.

Tom and Sarah Espinoza were ecstatic when their son Brian won the student of the month award at Grass Hill Elementary School last month. Brian, a somewhat lanky third grader, is well known by his classmates for his eagerness to stand in front of the line, his ability to stay quiet during silent-reading time, and the almost unfathomable number of giraffe stickers next to his name on the sticker board. “Ms. Smith only gives out giraffe stickers if you do something really good,” said fellow eight year old and classmate Tammy Ricks. “I heard his parents got him a new bike after he won. I bet he can ride it with no hands,” another classmate stammered while spewing bits of half-chewed pretzel across the carpet.  

But something startling happened this month. It all began when Brian took a wrong turn when leading the class to the lunchroom. “I don’t know what happened,” Tammy said. “It was like he just forgot where the lunchroom was. Brian never forgets.” The next day Brian struggled to stay awake during silent-reading time, and Carl, the college kid who supervises snacktime, told us Brian didn’t eat all of his carrots that afternoon. “It was weird, you know? Like if Jimmy there hadn’t eaten all of his I would have been like ‘big whoop,’ you know? But Brian. Brian always eats his carrots. He reminds me of me when I was younger.”

In the coming weeks, Grass Hill Elementary will announce its students of the month winners for November. Thanks to their performances in the school play last week, Karen Deeds and Bill Crames are almost certainly a lock in for fifth and sixth grade. Fourth grade should go to Kim Pole assuming she continues to excel in long division, and there’s no doubt that Chris Bullwhilp is a certain shoe in for the second grade after his recorder performance in Mr. Krill’s class earlier this month.

“I just really hope Brian can get his act together. I like the kid,” Brian’s neighbor said. “Would be a real hit to the neighborhood if he doesn’t. We made signs and stuff for him last month, and I was hoping to get more use out of them. I worked hard on those.”

Brian realizes the whole town is counting on him to win student of the month again. “I’m just trying not to let the pressure get to me too much,” Brian said as he poured over his agenda for the day. “If I can get one or two giraffe stickers this week I should be alright, but it’s definitely closer than I’d like.” Brian’s main competition is Jeremy Baw, the new kid from Tampa who can fit his whole hand in his mouth.  

“This is the most exciting time I’ve seen at Grass Hill,” Vice Principal Wilson told us. “The air in the hallways is absolutely electrifying. I can’t wait to see who comes out on top in the third grade this month. Would love to see Brian go for round two.”

The elementary school will announce the winners on the big board outside with the cool removable letters no earlier than December 1.


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