More than a Blanket Statement: “Quilt”

In her poem “Quilt,” senior Cara Yacino does more than provide a blanket statement about the similarity between a quilt and a person. She takes the motif of the quilt and applies its traditions, both cherished and scarred, to a loved one. Cara’s poem is one for the reader to confide in, much like the narrator seems to confide in the patchwork man. Read Cara’s poem “Quilt” below.


Cara Yacino

I called you a patchwork man
you asked me why and I said
it’s because
your wrinkles make a roadmap on your face
routes and junctions of laughter and rage
scars traverse your body like
a lightning-struck tree
your knuckles hard white calloused
betraying years of frustration
against four silent cell walls
a faded rose on your hand
and “death” below it
as a constant reminder
that life is a beautiful moment

it’s also because
the best kind of blankets
the noblest blankets
the ones with a story
are quilts
and you and your big laugh
and sturdy arms
keep me warm

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