Clark’s Very Own Hemingways: A Collection of Six Word Stories

Clark Writes’ call for Six Word Stories brought forth submissions that were dark and mysterious, humorous, and full of heart. Thanks for all the submissions; they may only be six words but they sure do pack a punch!

-The Clark Writes Board of Editors

A Life
Suckling, fearless, passionate, assured, un-ironed, calm

Untitled 1
Table set, candles dripping, window broken

Untitled 2
Thumbs tied, bare feet, cold basement

Untitled 3
Feast, gorge, lick fingers, final meal

Untitled 4
Crescendo, staccato, broken window, fermata, rest.

Untitled 5
Scraping windshields, Queen SnowAngel now labors.

Untitled 6
Decaying leaves press against warm flesh

Untitled 7
Abutters to butter, I am toast 

– Heidi and Stella G. Gitelman, a mother and daughter duo, written during a long car ride.

By grave: Scarlet Carson, fresh picked

– Christian Farren

I’m the monster underneath her bed.

– Chris Canieso

1. A sigh of relief sounds different.
2. You didn’t make it to graduation.
3. Six word stories aren’t always sad.
4. To do: Buy bandaids, quit habits.
5. To Pervert: Learn. Definition. Of. Compliment.
6. Microwave. Forgot popcorn, FIRE ALARM?! Oops…

– Autumn Perez

Teacher screams. Seventh-grade sociopath squishes Mickey.

– Rachel Matthews

1. For hire, one janitor, two stools.
2. She woke up once, slept forever.
3. He left after dark, heartbreak followed.

– Orfa Torres

1. Pen scratches on paper. I breathe.
2. Dark asphalt and heavy rain. Monday.
3. My Ex-Girlfriend: Misdirection, manipulation and mistakes.

– Avery Smith

There was no sense in it.

– Dash Davis


– Anne-Marie Laverty

1. They met. They married. They parted.
2. Once in love, twice disappointed, again.
3. Forever together, like swans or wolves.

– Tamara Beck

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