The Greek Cycle, Part II: “Dear Orpheus”

A few weeks ago, sophomore Themal Ellawala presented the third and final installment of his literary cycle — a cycle inspired heavily by Greek mythology. In this cycle, Ellawala artfully conveys not only the reality of his personal experiences, but he also profoundly assesses some of the most compelling plights that — in one way or another — mold the human condition at large. Following last week’s post, read “Dear Orpheus” below, the second part of Ellawala’s three-part series.

Dear Orpheus

By Themal Ellawala

Dear Orpheus,

You looked back.

Now all is lost.

As the embers of our stolen time together


Go cold,

And turn to ash,

I keep watch.

Hoping, praying,

That it would rise,

Phoenix-like from the byre,

Renewed and glorious.

As the glimmers of a new life,



Fade before my eyes,

I resign myself to the dark.

My wraithlike soul is tugged in every direction.

Stretched thin,

Like a spider web that snagged too large a prey.

And as I watch our twined thread be snipped

By the merciless Fates,

Every cell in my body pounds with the yearning

For it to grow,



Encasing infinity in a cocoon of untold bliss.


Let’s end this postmortem.

We are dead.

I am dead.

To you.

You could have looked ahead,

To a new life.

Scorched the barren earth of your heart,

Laid waste to the wilderness of your past,

Hacked away the thorns and gnarled remains of your misery,

For the sleeping bud,

Dreaming of lush green paradise,

To push through,

And bloom in fertile, joyous abundance.


But no.

You looked back.

Now all is lost.


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